Chargeback and Refund Policy   


No claim of charge-back / refund shall be admissible in-case of satisfactory delivery of 1st Mandatory service and giving feedback as satisfied / very satisfied on the service. Also, no request for change in ordered Services nor in the duration of the plan opted can be entertained nor any charge-back / refund claimed at any point of time during the contract period.

Once feedback is given by USER as SATISFIED for service written in ticket details, user cannot claim that he has not received service for it. For further correspondence on that service user must issue ticket at link provided or call company for support on Toll-Free numbers provided with Transaction confirmation mail.

In case a User alleges deficient or dis-satisfactory delivery of Services, the User must substantiate with supporting documents that Services delivered during the contract period were deficient or dis-satisfactory. The Company reserves the sole discretion to examine the compliant of the User and Report on delivery of Services and Company’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties. In-case the Company on evaluation of relevant evidence determines that Services rendered were deficient or unsatisfactory, then the User shall be entitled to claim charge-back for such amount from the Transaction amount as is proportionate to the Services yet to be rendered.

Please send your Complaint/ Refund request/ Charge-back request with your order number by clicking on USER BOX. Which you had received from us as acknowledgment mail immediately after you have completed your transaction, provided you had given valid email id while placing your order. In case you have not received our acknowledgment, then you must provide the date when you had placed your order as well as your name and valid email id to This will enable us to track your order number and you will receive your correct order number from us. With this correct order number you will be able to register your complaint/ charge-back request by clicking USER BOX You will immediately receive confirmation mail with a ticket number registering your complaint/ request for refund/ charge-back request. We will give our decision along with the reply one the service rendered by company against this order within 7 working days. In-case you are still dis-satisfied with our decision then you have the right to claim a charge-back dispute with your credit card company.

In case company encounters technical problems while accessing the computer station of the User for reasons beyond company's control and/or attributable to a User or technical remote inaccessibility of a system due to its condition, and is unable to render Services as per the order, it shall be presumed that satisfactory Services have been rendered to the User and User shall not be entitled to claim charge-back of the Transaction amount.

The User shall be entitled to full refund of the Transaction amount in-case inadvertently the transaction amount was debited twice from a User’s account.

The User shall be entitled to a complete Refund in case the company has not been able to fulfill any part of the ordered Services. In case partial satisfactory services have been rendered by the company and company is not able to fulfill the entire duration of the contracted Service, the User shall be entitled to refund of such amount from the Transaction amount as is proportionate to the Services yet to be rendered .

Kindly read the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy on the Website as it forms a part of this Policy and agreement between the User and the Company.